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The Roots of Create Huntington

I am often asked to speak about Create Huntington, a movement that has transformed an economically-challenged town by activating engagement in multiple citizen projects. I was fortunate to be present at the beginnings of this effort, and to actively participate in the establishment of its direction and philosophy. The Summer 2013 issue of The Huntington Quarterly highlights this effort in a wonderful article written by Managing Editor Anna Lafferre. There is useful information for any group wanting to get a similar effort off the ground in their community. Check it out on the Huntington Quarterly website.

The Gifts of Community: Group Workbook

By request, I am working on putting together a companion workbook for The Gifts of Community: Changing Your Life by Changing Your World. Readers have asked for a tool to use in their community, civic, church and non-profit groups to help them think differently about their work and to work more effectively together. The workbook will include chapter questions for group discussion, sample group activities, and journaling exercises for personal introspection.

I could use your help! I would like to know more about your groupwork challenges. How do you handle conflict? Is there a personality issue standing in the way? Do you need motivation for the long,hard fight? Please send your thoughts and stories to so this new resource can be as useful as possible for your group, and for others. I hope to have this published in an e-book format by the end of the summer.

The Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Looking for a personal or group retreat that will energize, inspire and enlighten? I highly recommend the Brushy Fork Annual Institute in Berea, Kentucky, which will be held this year September 17-20. Since 1988, Brushy Fork Institute has worked to develop strong leadership in Appalachian communities throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. An outreach program of Berea College, the Institute offers leadership training, organizational development workshops and technical assistance to communities working for a better tomorrow.

Each September, Brushy Fork offers an Annual Institute, which includes a variety of intensive workshop tracks as well as plenary sessions on regional issues. The Annual Institute is designed for community leaders, volunteers and organizations and agencies that serve communities.

I’ve participated in the Institute for many years and you just can’t beat the expertise of the speakers, the atmosphere of collaboration and the synergy created by the experience. Check it out!

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