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Pulse Memorial

49 Steps to Unity

To honor the 49 beautiful souls who lost their lives at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, we each need to take the responsibility to change the way we think, feel, and act. At the root, we change things with acts of community, and love. Actions can be simple and still very powerful.

Here are 49 easy, fun, free steps we can each take to reflect, connect, change perspectives and build a world of unity.

  • If you don’t already know it, find out your next door neighbor’s name, and say hello.
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t been speaking to or purposely avoiding. Try to make amends.
  • Who makes absolutely no sense to you? Think about that person for a moment. How are they most like you?
  • You know that quote that got you through a rough time? Share it on social media.
  • Who is the loneliest person you know? Have a conversation with them today.
  • What brings you peace? Meditating? Reading? Walking in nature? Take a moment to find your place of complete peace.
  • Have you called your representative in Congress before? It’s easy and they need your voice. Tell them about the world you want to see.
  • Listen to an inspiring song. Sing along as loud as you can. If you can get others to sing with you, that’s even better.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood block. As you pass each house, silently wish or pray for peace for that family.
  • We ALL have prejudices. Write yours down. Face them. Make a plan to be better.
  • Read words by a hero for love – Mother Teresa, Ghandi, MLK, etc. Spend 20 minutes learning more about their beliefs.
  • Dance to a happy song. With a friend. Or a stranger.
  • Write a short poem or haiku about the world you want to live in. Share it with 3 or more people.
  • Make a new friend today. Furry ones count too.
  • Do you have a volunteer gig? If not, it’s time to find one! It will change your life.
  • Stand up to hate when you see it on social media. Be loving, but firm when you respond, delete, or “unfriend”.
  • Who is the person you have never forgiven? Say their name out loud. It is time to let the hurt go. Get help to do it.
  • Hug someone who really, really needs it. Tight.
  • Tell a co-worker how much you appreciate their talents and contributions.
  • Give BIG. Donate what you can to a cause you care about - food, clothes, money, etc. Give till it hurts a little.
  • When you see a young parent in a grocery store, even if the kids are acting wild, be supportive. “You’re doing great.”
  • Watch an uplifting movie. Share an inspiring line from the film on social media.
  • Have a conversation about love with a toddler. They will remind you how big love can be.
  • Repeat this 10 times. “I am the answer the world is looking for.” You are. We can’t do it without you.
  • Take your friends and/or family for a fun day at a community event, festival, or farmer’s market.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Go to a community youth sporting event and cheer for the kids. LOUDLY.
  • Attend an official community or city public meeting. Learn about the issues your neighbors are dealing with.
  • Make something – jewelry, a painting, music, a poem – and give it to someone.
  • Walk your neighborhood or town with a camera. Take 25 pictures of what and who you appreciate. Share your favorites on social media.
  • Host or help plan a neighborhood block party, garage sale, clean-up, meeting, etc. Meet the neighbors!
  • Talk to a young person about that they want to do and who they want to be when they “grow up”. Your attention matters.
  • Spend some one-on-one time with an elderly person who may or may not be family. Be completely present with them.
  • Give someone an old-fashioned greeting card or handwritten note. Send it by snail mail, or deliver it in person.
  • Thank a veteran or public servant for the work they do to keep us safe and healthy. Do it in person or by phone.
  • Learn about a religion that is not your own. Visit a place of worship you would normally avoid.
  • Learn 5 new things about the #LGBTQ civil rights movement in this country.
  • Learn how to say “Hello”, “Thank You”, and “I Love You” in sign language.
  • Learn how to write “Hello”, “Thank You”, and “I Love You” in braille.
  • Learn how to say “Hello”, “Thank You”, and “I Love You” in a language you have never studied before.
  • Leave a small, anonymous thank you gift card, flower, or note on the desk of a co-worker.
  • Learn 5 new things about a culture you just can’t seem to understand. Use neutral sources.
  • Learn a new positive and funny joke. Tell 3 people. If they laugh, tell more people. If they don’t, try again.
  • Learn 5 new things about a disability you don’t know about.
  • Learn how to bake something new and delicious. Share it with a neighbor.
  • Take a nice walk with a trash bag. Pick up litter as you go.
  • Explore the website of a community group or nonprofit organization.
  • Write down 5 positive traits about the person who annoys you the most.
  • Say out loud, 49 times: “LOVE ALWAYS WINS.”

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