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About Anne Marie

Anne Marie DurhamMy name is Anne Marie Durham and I’m a mom, writer, marketer and a citizen living in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

For twenty years I worked with towns, non-profits and community groups small and large, to create positive change. We used positive civic and communications strategies to accomplish a wide range of activities from planting flowers to passing laws.

I learned much from these experiences about the challenges of group dynamics and the magic that happens when everything comes together. I also saw the community process change people at a fundamental level, helping them realize their full potential and find life happiness.

Many of these experiences are described in my book, The Gifts of Community: Changing Your Life by Changing Your World published by Balboa Press. And this blog is a place to continue the conversation, so we can create the lives and the world we know in our hearts is possible.

If you work in a non-profit that is struggling to create successful change, let’s talk about why.

If you are frustrated by the bad things you see happening and want to help shape a different, better world, let’s talk about how.

If you have gifts and talents to share with the world and feel the call to make a difference, let’s talk about where.

Let’s talk about love and community, and how we are whole when we are together and broken when we are separate. There is a way to be in this world and be in spirit simultaneously. Not only can we create positive change by focusing on love, we reap personal and spiritual benefits that are beyond our expectations.

Comment on the blog, e-mail me personally at or follow me on Twitter, @writeofpeace.  Connecting with each other is the first step toward making a difference!

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What if happiness is right outside your front door?

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